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Valplast Flexible Partials

Flexible removable partials are not just like acrylic dentures made with a flexible material - they are a totally different concept, made with a different material which require a different mind set with regard to denture design, material qualities, thickness of material and processing. Valplast International, first introduced the material into the USA in the 1950s, have now had over half a century of experience in designing and manufacturing flexible partial dentures - they consistently get it right!


Attempts have often been made to copy the Valplast material but, as yet, no one has managed to re-create the magic which is Valplast.

Easy to polish - when you know how !

It seems logical that because a patient's mouth is flexible, a rigid metal-based partial would not be well suited to its form and function.

That's what inspired Valplast to create the flexible RPD.


The success of Valplast flexible partials lies in the original design of the appliance - the ability for the material to take advantage of not only hard surface undercuts but also those in the soft tissue. Design of Valplast appliances is taught - in depth - during the Valplast training course. .

  • The original Flexible Partial - over 50 years experience.
  • Referral programme directs ready-to-prescribe dentists to certified Valplast Labs
  • Valplast materials only supplied to Certified Valplast Labs
  • Lower water absorption and better dimensional stability than acrylic
  • Free promotional literature supplied to Valplast Certified Laboratories
  • Technical back-up from UK based supplier

Today's dental labs prefer flexible material to fabricate their removable partial dentures (RPDs) because they can make a better, stronger product faster. Flexible material reduces work time and eliminates cumbersome materials associated with rigid partials, in short, there is no longer any need for metal.


Valplast Partial Dentures -

the "original" flexible partial

Squeeze me

- still the best choice

valplast partial

Metal based RPD design is complex because it has to adapt to rigid materials to a flexible environment. This leaves room for error particularly under conditions where ideal design and clinical preparations are challenged.


In contrast, the materials in flexible partials is perfectly suited to the variety of natural conditions in the mouth. This not only allows technicians to simplify their designs but also enables them to create RPDs that more easily balance the simultaneous requirements of retention, support and stability.


Because learning to work with something new may seem tricky, we ensure each technician has the opportunity to master the relatively simple technique of Valplast production. To help you get started we offer lab technicians a two day hands-on training programme at our Valplast training centre in West Sussex. Valplast products cannot be offered to Valplast uncertified laboratories.



Flexible dentures can only be advertised and promoted as Valplast® Flexible Dentures when they have been produced in UK based Certified Valplast® Laboratories and permission has been given for use of the trademark Valplast® by RDT Technology Ltd.

Valplast material



Valplast material is supplied pre-dosed, in three different sizes and five shades (plus white), including Meharry for ethnic cases.


Call us at R D T Technology Ltd on 01903 700037 for further details.

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Life-Time Guarantee

Every Valplast partial is guaranteed against breakage and fracture of the base material assuming normal use. The guarantee is valid indefinitely from the date the appliance is placed in service as a clinical dental prosthesis. The Valplast guarantee applies to material defect of the resin and supplements any guarantee placed by the laboratory for workmanship. Improper fabrications or post-insertion modification of the partial voids the guarantee. The Valplast guarantee does not apply to the bond between the Valplast base resin and artificial teeth.



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